Wildhorse Golf Club reconstructs bunkers

Reconstruction of the current bunkers is in process.

Reconstruction of the current bunkers is in process.

Robson Ranch Wildhorse Golf Club is proud to announce the reconstruction of the current bunkers to the patented Better Billy Bunker Construction Method. Billy Fuller, while superintendent at Augusta National from 1981-1986, developed the Enhanced Bunker Drainage Method using a fabric over pea gravel. In 2009 designer Billy Fuller eliminated the fabric liner in favor of ST410 polymer. This polymer allows water to pass through and bind with the gravel. This method is used by hundreds of golf courses throughout the world in different climates. This is the same method used on the new nine holes under construction.

The reconstruction began in November and will continue into early 2016. Phase one will include all greenside bunkers and will also complete reconstruction of all bunkers on Wildhorse 1, 4, 7 and 9 and Mustang 1 and 5. The remaining bunkers will be completed in phase two. During construction, golfers will notice that some tee boxes will be moved and holes changed to par 3 to help make the course safe for workers and players.

As you travel the golf course you will see workers removing bunker sand, fabric and drainage materials to prepare a clean surface for 3/8” pea gravel followed by excavation of drain lines and installation of new ones. Gravel will be installed over the ADS piping, and an additional two inches of gravel will be installed over the entire bunker. Then the ST410 polymer will be applied followed by four inches of compacted USGA specification sand. The new bunker drainage system will not only improve drainage, it will most importantly improve the golfing experience.

Along with HOA Board approval of the bunker reconstruction, recommendations made by the Golf and Greens Committee were also approved. The annual pass will now be called the platinum pass. The gold and silver passes will be structured so two members of a household can both play off the same card. As in the past, golfers may buy more than one gold or silver pass during the year, but all passes expire at close of business on December 31 for the year they were purchased. Passes for 2016 go on sale in the Pro Shop December 14, 2015. Current golf prices are published in this issue and are available from the Pro Shop.