Wildhorse Lady Niners Embrace a Day of Remembrance

Steve Rynn and David Jones, 2021 Dave Cooper Open Champions

WLN Communications

The Wildhorse Lady Niners (WLN) likes to take time to remember our golfing comrades who are no longer with us. In the past, this time was celebrated with a Memorial Tournament. However, change is inevitable, and we have determined that a tournament is no longer feasible. Even though the pandemic prevented us from holding a tournament in the last two years, that certainly did not diminish our remembrance of those who are no longer with us. To commemorate those individuals, the WLN posted signs listing the names of those who have passed away over the last 24 months. Signs were posted during play on all three courses on Oct. 20.

Our golfing brothers and sisters who passed away in the last 24 months and who will be missed are Melvin Burkhardt, Nazer Shook, Don Maurer, Ronnie Holt, Tommy Connell, Art Shepard, Bob Rogers, Larry Bowes, Derell Nicklas, Tom Solometo, Dave Bowles, Gil Ortiz, Mary Van Sant, Judy McDuffie, and Bud Wheeless.

Going forward, the WLN will celebrate a Day of Remembrance annually.