WLN Encourages Learning the Game of Golf

Mentees (left to right): Terri Bush, Kimberly Juneau, Mary Ann Wood, Debbie Wegman, Lynne Shorney, Brandy Walker, Cindy Voliva, Susan Potter, and Linda Wheeler

The Wildhorse Lady Niners (WLN) has a mission—a mission statement that is! It states, “The purpose of this organization shall be to encourage ladies to enjoy playing 9-holes of golf and to help ladies learn or re-learn the rules and etiquette of the game by participating in team play, individual play, and tournaments.”

Keeping that mission in mind, more seasoned WLN players are partnering with less experienced players to mentor them. Mentoring does not mean coaching or teaching the newer golfer how to actually play the game. It means assisting the mentee in local rules, WLN procedures, golf etiquette, and course management. This mentoring program is designed to increase confidence and encourage new golfers to join other players besides their mentor or their WLN play group.

The WLN is currently 160 members strong and growing. We have 44 new members, some of which are also new to golf. So, this mentor/mentee program is an added benefit to guide new golfers through nine holes of play. A few of the past newbies to golf have now also joined the WGA, 18-holes play group. Kudos to the WLN Play Day Team for providing this learning opportunity for the fun game of golf!

If you are a new member to the WLN or would like more information on the Mentor/Mentee program, please reach out to one of the Play Day Team members. Additionally, please read all the information provided in your new member packet. It has a plethora of information including rules, practices, etiquette, contact information, etc. It is an invaluable packet that must be read!

The WLN welcomes any lady who is interested in joining for the fun of golf! Please go to the Robson Ranch website, Clubs tab, WLN. All information to join is located there.