Women Sharing Hope

Catherine Simpson

If your spouse exits this world first…what do you need to know? Can you find the will/trust and insurance policies? Do you know all the passwords? Do you understand your families’ finances and who to call about them? Who all do you need to notify? Do you know how to operate the washer or where to take the car for an oil change? And on and on it goes.

Are you prepared to be left behind?

The Robson Ranch group, Women Sharing Hope, is hosting the “Are you prepared to be left behind?” event on Oct. 15, from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Robson Ranch Clubhouse. The format will include a panel with widows and widowers who have wisdom gleaned from first-hand experience. Come with your spouse to learn what practical steps can be taken to prepare for the passing of a loved one. So, mark your calendar and let’s talk about what we don’t want to talk about.

Look for more details about the event in the September issue of the Robson Ranch Pioneer Press.

In the meantime, mark your calendar for Oct. 15.