Women Sharing Hope

Nov. 2019 meeting

Nov. 2019 meeting

Catherine Simpson

A group started 4 months ago at Robson Ranch called Women Sharing Hope met on Nov. 22 to learn about countries who today still do not allow their citizens the freedom to worship or even to proclaim to be Christians. We celebrated that in the USA we still have that freedom.

Pastor Roger Ferguson had firsthand knowledge about both Iran and China and the persecution Christians are facing there. This persecution has led to a tremendous growth of Christianity and the number of underground churches has grown from thousands to hundreds of thousands.

Dr. Elizabeth Vaughn, a Robson Ranch resident and retired eye surgeon, is traveling to Africa every few months to share the gospel. She related miracles she witnessed while speaking within prisons and in meetings attended by hundreds of thousands.

The Women Sharing Hope group is open to all Robson women of all faiths, with the mission to learn how to give and grow in our faith and how one person can make a difference. We meet once a month in someone’s home.

This month we assembled 800+ Blessing Bags filled with toiletries, gloves, socks, food, gift cards, and much more. Many of the bags were donated to the Our Daily Bread mission. The rest we will be handing out to the homeless we see on the street as they panhandle or sit outside grocery stores. On December 5th, we will also be taking Blessing Bags to the tent areas in Denton where the homeless live, usually with pets which are not allowed in shelters.

Giving back to the community and those less fortunate often helps many ailments like loneliness, grief, hurt, anger, and sadness. If you’d like to check out this group, contact me, Catherine Simpson, at 817-707-7707 or [email protected] We meet the 4th Friday of each month at 9:30 a.m., unless there is a holiday, in which case we move it to the third Friday. If the holidays are difficult for you, come to our Dec. 20 meeting – guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. And you can join us for caroling Dec. 16. Help us lift the spirits of shut-ins, those who have lost a loved one recently, or had medical challenges. You too can make a difference by sharing hope to others.