Woodshop Support for a Stained Glass Artist

Pictured are Alice Sun and Tom McHenry with Alice’s stained-glass work of art. Alice has also done two different flower projects of this same size. Pictures of both of those patterns are at the bottom of the actual stained-glass project she is holding.

Joni Matthiessen

A few weeks ago, I had the absolute privilege of viewing an amazing piece of stained-glass work of art that Alice Sun recently completed. Alice said she has worked on the piece off and on for about six months. Alice also told me that she has done two different flower projects of this same size. One is a rose pattern, and the other is mums.

Upon completion of this piece, Alice wanted to frame it, so she came to the woodshop to get some help. She was assigned Tom McHenry as her personal mentor, and off to work they went to create a beautiful cherrywood frame to encase the stained-glass window. The frame has a rubbed finish of tung oil and turned out beautifully. The frame is held together in the back by brass screws in case the stained glass itself may ever need repair, or even to simply change out the frame.

It was such a joy to get to meet Alice and hear her story. It was equally exciting to know that even though she is quite an exquisite artist in the world of stained glass, now she can claim experience in the woodshop as well by learning under Tom’s direction. This piece is now complete and ready to hang in her home.

Just goes to show the diversity of talent and willingness to learn new crafts at the CATC Building. Stop by sometime and take a peek at all the different kinds of items in the display windows of the different clubs.