Woodworkers bring happiness to over 100 area kids

These toys were given to the Denton City County Center.

These toys were given to the Denton City County Center.

Larry Varnes

Every year Santa recruits several elves in the Robson Ranch Workshop to make toys for disadvantaged kids in the greater Denton area. This year was no different. We distributed a total of 117 toys to three different charities: Salvation Army, Denton Christian Day School and Denton City County Day School.

Woodworker Neil Newman has ably headed the project for several years. Under his direction members of the Woodworkers Club make the toys with materials donated by the club. We have numerous stencils that can be traced onto wood that are cut by the shop’s band saws. They are then shaped and sanded into the final toy. The complexity of each toy varies by the skill set of the particular woodworker making the toy, but the joy each toy brings to the child is always the same.

The Elves associated with this year’s project included Neil Newman, Ed Klenke, Rich Bender, Peggy Beyer, Allison Bender, Larry Balich, Mike Conley, Mark Musgrove, Paul Giller and Lenard Becker. Many were new to the Woodworkers Club and found the project a great way to be introduced to the various tools needed to craft the toys. Others were master woodworkers who carved out time in their busy schedules to give back to the community.

If you are not a member, we invite you to join us whatever your skill level. Just give our president, Joey Misiaszek, a call at 940-262-3543. He can also be reached at [email protected]. Each new member is required to take a basic safety course on the operation of the tools in the shop before being able to work on a project. Seasoned woodworkers teach these courses and are available to mentor you through your first project.

You will find nearly every conceivable tool available for any sized project in the woodshop located in the Creative Arts and Technology Center. It has become a model for all Robson Communities. The only limit to what you can build is your imagination. Except for charity projects, members are responsible for purchasing their own wood. Annual dues are $50.

We hope you will consider joining  us.