Woodworkers culminate a successful year

Mark Musgrove, Woodworker of the Year, is being congratulated by our current president, Joey Misiaszek.

Mark Musgrove, Woodworker of the Year, is being congratulated by our current president, Joey Misiaszek.

Larry Varnes

The Woodworkers of Robson Ranch had a great 2014! We currently have over 160 members! The club includes residents of all skill levels, both men and women. There is always someone available to mentor that special project or repair, so there is never a reason to be intimidated.

Woodworkers also serve the greater Robson Ranch community by fixing other residents’ furniture for a modest fee. Just check with the woodshop in the Creative Arts and Technology Center for time availability. And each year the Woodworkers sell beautiful handcrafted pieces at the annual craft fair. The combination of dues and revenues generated from these sources enables the woodshop to purchase new tools and make repairs to maintain the highest woodshop standards; 2014 was no exception.

Also each year the president of the Woodworkers selects the “Woodworker of the Year” based on certain characteristics. This year it was Mark Musgrove. Mark is a Master Woodturner and is always available to give advice and help to anyone that needs it. Mark is also extremely skilled in furniture repair, and numerous residents can testify as to his quality of work.

Mark adds his name to an august body of fellow Woodworkers of the Year dating back to 2008. Mark also serves the woodworkers as backup to Paul Giller, “Shop Manager.” Mark’s knowledge of all aspects of woodworking along with expertise in our equipment makes Mark Musgrove a most valued recipient of this award. Congratulations, Mark!

The Woodworkers of Robson Ranch also serves the community through our building Beads of Courage Boxes for critically ill children and building toys for disadvantaged youth in Denton. If you are interested in learning more about woodworking and the Woodworkers Club, just give our president, Joey Misiaszek, a call at 940-262-3543. He can also be reached at [email protected]. Each new member is required to take a basic safety course on the operation of the tools in the shop before being able to work on a project. Seasoned woodworkers teach these courses and are available to mentor you through your first project. Annual dues are $50 per person.