A Giving Time


Maureen Lehrer

“Thanks for Giving” was the theme for the RRWC Social held on November 1 at the Robson Ranch Lounge. The Ladies were invited to make a donation to the Denton Community Food Bank’s Thanksgiving food drive. Fifty-seven pounds of food and money were donated.

Maureen Lehrer, chair of the event, welcomed the guests and introduced the committee members: Brenda McKenzie, co-chair; Betty Gardner, Verla Hinton, Aynn Riback, Eileen Whittaker and Anne Himan.

Sharon Foy, RRWC President, and Mary Ornberg, President-elect, also welcomed the ladies.

Barbara Cooper was the lucky one out of six November Birthdays to win the door prize.

The entertainment for the afternoon was a Trivia Game/Mixer. The special name tag with their home state and RR Street held a special colored dot to indicate at which table they would start the Trivia Game. The questions were about events that have taken place in November. The tables were color coded with personal items of the committee. The ladies first introduced themselves and then the questions were studied, answered and announced. Half of the ladies from each table then moved on to the next tables to answer the next two questions.

It was learned that several ladies found others from their home state or city or a city they had moved from to Robson Ranch; it is a small world!

Thank you to the committee for your assistance and for donating all the door prizes.

Thank you to all the ladies for attending the social.