Boot Camp mania

We love Boot Camp!

We love Boot Camp!

Barbara Shippy

Where are you on the health fitness scale? Are you burning 500+ calories during your workout? Have you experienced results such as reduction in body fat or weight, toned muscles, stronger core/balance, better sleep, reduction in medications? If you are currently working out but have not experienced these results, you might want to consider Boot Camp.

This 55-minute program is choreographed to favorite ‘oldies’ music. Exercises can be modified for any age or fitness level, even those with health issues. Participants do what they are able to do and no more. Some use weights, some do not. Some keep up with all the moves, others walk or march. Some work a little. Others push themselves to their limits. It is all about having fun and improving health by doing what your body allows you to do.

Boot Camp is taught by Robson Ranch residents Barbara and Mike Shippy, with Mike Shippy directing the technical portion. Barbara has been teaching fitness programs for over 36 years targeting senior classes. During class she emphasizes building strength and endurance, improving cardiovascular fitness while improving balance, flexibility and agility. These low-impact classes (no jumping/stress to the knees), consist of stretching, strength training and cardio that when combined target different muscle groups to help ensure maximum results.

Within the first year Boot Camp has grown from a handful of participants to over 200 members. Because of growth, each session is limited to 46 participants per class. In addition to Barbara, several other trained residents assist in instruction. What made this program so successful? Some participants will tell you it is about the fun they have while exercising. Others say it is about the non-stop music. Some will tell you it is about the results they have experienced. Others will tell you it is about the interaction and energy displayed by the instructor and her husband. Whatever the reason, Boot Camp is a place to burn those calories while having fun.

Is it difficult? It is as difficult as you make it. The basic concept is to have fun while becoming healthy. Barbara tells the class to make it their own by modifying moves to better suit their own body. “No two people are alike. What someone else is able to do, you may not be able to do. Modification is key.” This class is all about motivation and seeing results, and great results have been seen! People have toned-up and dropped pounds. Many have been able to quit some of their medications. Balance/core strength have improved. With Mike managing the sound system and Barbara providing the choreography and instruction, an environment of synergy is created making every class feel new, fun and exciting.

Boot Camp meets in the Sports Center Gym every Monday and Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. to noon and Friday from 9:00-10:00 a.m. The cost of each class is $2. Participants bring their own weights (optional), mats, towel and a closed container of water.