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April Sigma Chi meeting

The Sigma Chi brothers and Deb

Dave Parker The Sigma Chi brothers at Robson Ranch had planned to visit brother Dwight Evans who had recently moved to the Dallas area. However, Dwight was finalizing the sale of his home at Robson, and the date did not work out. A rescheduled date is planned for May. Topics discussed this month included the…

What’s right with those kids today

Circle K International: students today, leaders tomorrow

Vicki Baker You’ve heard it dozens of times; maybe even said it a time or two yourself: “kids these days.” The millennials have surpassed baby boomers to become the country’s largest living generation. How does this make you feel? You may wonder how things will pan out for society when they take charge. Plenty of…

Road Runners expand travel possibilities at 2017 annual meeting

Road Runners board members are ready to serve you in the new travel year.

Vicki Baker Cruises, wineries, white sand beaches, international cultures, museums, historical tours, musical stage productions and more. That’s what you’ll experience on Road Runners sponsored day excursions or multi-day trips. With over 260 in attendance at the Road Runners May 10 annual meeting, an array of exciting adventures were introduced through the club’s travel partners…

Party with a Donkey – Democratic Club celebrates

RR Democratic Club’s kick-off social

Vicki Baker The room was overflowing with many familiar, and some not so familiar, faces as Ranchers gathered at the Wildhorse Grill on May 17 to celebrate the re-launch of the RR Democratic Club. The atmosphere was festive with lively conversation and laughter as fellow Democrats connected and discussed issues affecting our city, county, state…

Women’s Club goes to Gruene, “Bootiful” Wimberley and Dripping Springs

Group picture in front of the historic Gruene Mansion Inn

Gayle Coe The “Bus Babes” welcomed travelers who were boarding the bus, checking in, and receiving boot-shaped necklaces and goody bags adorned with colorful boots, created by Carol Cieslik. As our adventure began Peggy Crandell outlined the day’s itinerary and announced the “bus babe crew” would serve breakfast. After our break at Slovacek’s where the…

Teacher, friend, advocate – Kiwanis Club mentors

Answer the call, be a mentor

Vicki Baker The idea that children benefit from caring and consistent relationships with adults is by no means new. Ever since Odysseus entrusted the education of his son to Mentor in Homer’s Odyssey, adults who provide children with guidance have shared the loyal sage’s name. Community-based child mentoring got its start in 1904 when Ernest…

Winners displayed

Mary Ornberg The week of April 28 the Robson Ranch Photo Club displayed its prize winning photos in an exhibit at the Clubhouse. All visitors and residents were impressed by the quality of our photos.

Sassy Stampers news

Barbara Robert, gift certificate winner

Joyce Martin Barbara Robert was the winner of a gift certificate for her beautiful card, which is now on display in the Sassy Stampers’ display window. Drawings are held at each monthly meeting to reward members for their wonderful talents in developing and creating beautiful cards according to the monthly “theme.” Cards are then displayed…

Robson Ranch Garden Club happenings

Members took advantage of the “plant exchange.”

Barbara Anderson The Robson Ranch Garden Club meeting on Monday morning, May 15, had a full agenda and was fun too! Peggy Backesof, the nominating committee, presented the slate of officers for the program year 2017-2018 and there followed the election of the slate by acclamation. We look forward to the leadership of the following:…