Largest group ever attends free day of yoga on Labor Day

A yoga class

A yoga class

Brandy Wismer

How did 58 residents of Robson Ranch choose to start their Labor Day this year? They joined friends and family in laying down their mats for two free yoga classes led by our own certified yoga instructors Susan Engstrom and Brandy Wismer. The ballroom at the clubhouse was full with the largest crowd ever for this fun annual event. Linda Diehnelt and Tracy Olson, who are also trained yoga instructors, provided invaluable hands-on assistance with the classes, registering residents for the classes and photography to record the fun morning.

Many people don’t realize the benefits of yoga go far beyond stretching and flexibility. Recent comments from participants in our Robson classes attest to some of the everyday benefits. One student said after only eight weeks of classes she was surprised at how easily she was able to bend down and grab something that rolled under a chair. She would never have been able to do that before! Other students have commented on being able to improve their sports performance such as easily holding a squatting position or going down low for a ball in tennis, pickleball or softball. I think my favorite comment was from a golfer who said she used her “yoga breath” before a drive and was amazed at how the ball flew! Yoga works for people of all ages. A student in her 80s who has now been enjoying class for 10 months, said after her first class, “Yoga is what I should have been doing all along. I love it!”

Research shows there is a wide range of benefits of a regular yoga practice. Here are just a few proven benefits, some that you would expect and others that may be a surprise. Studies show regular practice of yoga can increase flexibility, build strong muscles, improve posture, prevent joint and cartilage breakdown, strengthen bone health, increase blood flow, boost immunity, build aerobic capacity and endurance, lower blood pressure, improve balance, help you sleep better, reduce chance of sports related injuries and help you cope with or even reduce chronic pain and stress.

For more information on classes available at Robson Ranch check the schedule of upcoming activities in this newspaper for available classes and locations or the weekly email from the HOA on upcoming activities. You can also contact either of the instructors for more information. Contact Brandy Wismer,, 940-231-0387 or Susan Engstrom,, 940-262-0378. We would love to see you in a class soon.

We are also looking forward to the expansion of the Sports Club scheduled for completion in 2018, which will provide new classroom space and expanded class times including evening classes for our yoga program at Robson.