Robson Ranch Library and CATC celebrate 10th Anniversary

On Sunday, September 30 well over 300 people attended the birthday celebration in honor of Denton’s Creative Arts and Technology Center (CATC) and the Library’s tenth year! The place was hopping with activity and buzzing with people. Twenty-six of Robson Ranch’s 28 authors were in attendance for interactions about their books. It was fun to chat with them! Everyone was in awe of the capabilities we have at the Ranch!

On behalf of the Library Board of Directors, Linda Terry, the chair, recognized our volunteers (55 of them) and our ten-year library veterans (four of whom were present). Ed Robson, the Robson marketing team and staff and all the CATC based clubs were also thanked for their active involvement making this a terrific amenity appreciated and enjoyed by all! The Friends of the Library (FOL) signed up 13 new members taking the Ranch’s newest club to 163 members in less than six months! In addition, most of the other CATC based clubs also had demos and signed people up for their clubs too. Activities were ongoing all afternoon by the Woodworkers, Sassy Stampers, Kiln Krafters, Happy Potters, Material Girls, Yarn Divas, Crafters, the Technology Club, the Genealogy Club and the Photography Club.

Linda Bono announced the winners of the Robson FOL’s Favorite Novel contest, ending the palpable suspense of the month and a half long vote. Everyone in the whole building was holding their breath as she slowly opened the envelope and revealed that the Denton community’s favorite novel from the PBS list of 100 was The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Second place was snared by Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird and Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth rounded out the top spots. The Favorite Write-In Novels were Envy by Sandra Brown followed by the Gabriel Allon espionage thriller series by Daniel Silva. Robson Ranch’s own Mary Jo Skillings Belding’s novel Who Can I Tell? got an honorable mention. Way to go, Mary Jo!

The festivities wrapped up by devouring four (yes F-O-U-R) birthday cakes! Over 250 pieces of cake were served and gobbled right up. The fact that the decorator couldn’t spell CATC (she must have thought we were the cable TV folks since she wrote CATV) did not diminish the cake one bit nor did it result in any cake boycotts. Every bite of every slice was devoured! And there were rumors of people licking the plates as we wrapped up.

This was a fun event made better by the enthusiastic participation of lots of people. Thanks again to Ed Robson and all who made the facilities possible as well as those who maintain them and keep them busy every week!