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A down under toast

Left to right: Cherie Snowden, Frank Deardorff, Eileen Whittaker, Jim Fox, Charlie Snowden and Charlene Cottingham.

Bernadette Fideli William Sokolin, the world’s most foremost expert on wine investing, once was asked, “What is the definition of a good wine.” “It should start and end with a smile,” was his reply. There were plenty of smiles at Charlie and Cherie Snowden’s home as the Wine Stewards celebrated the end of summer and…

A night in the Kingdom

Alfred’s handmade Belgian Chocolate.

Did you know that the Kingdom of Belgium encompasses all the best that Western Europe has to offer in an area no bigger than the State of Maryland? The world’s main Diamond Center is in Antwerp, Brussels and is the capital of the European Union and also the headquarters of NATO. Belgian Chocolate is considered…

The funky wines of spring

Left to right, front row: Vickie Bone and Nancy Toppan; middle row: Mike Aramanda, Charlie Snowden, Cherie Snowden, Millie Aramanda, Eileen Whittaker, Beverlee Deardorff and Sue Wagner; back row: Bill Fideli, Jere Bone, Al Wright, Vivian Wright, Rob Denzinger, Charlene Cottingham and Frank Deardorff.

With apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson, at Robson Ranch a man’s fancy does NOT turn to thoughts of love in spring. Rather it is a season to shake off the doldrums of winter’s sleet and ice. It is a time to yearn for the outdoors and golf, garden and grill. For the Wine Stewards, it…