2022 Horseshoe Olympics

Bob Cook

The eighth Horseshoe Olympics games started early in the morning on Sept. 17. Players participated in a bracketed tournament set up by Joey Misiaszek. Bob Cook defeated the 2021 champion, Martha Gills, for the gold medal, earning her the silver, and Jim Fox won the bronze.

The second contest is called Ringers and Dingers (Ringers are when the shoe is around the peg, and Dingers are scored when the shoe is one horseshoe’s length from the peg). Martha Gills won the gold, Bob Cook won the silver, and Joey Misiaszek won the bronze.

Thanks to Steve Ventura for running from court to court judging and making tough decisions and to all the participants who raked the pits and picked up the shoes. Many thanks go to Kitty Misiaszek and Judy Riffel Karr for keeping the tournament scores. Flooring Inspirations is this year’s sponsor. We greatly appreciate the Olympic medals and refreshments!

Anyone interested in playing horseshoes, come and join the fun every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8 a.m. The courts are located by the dog park and garden on Michelle Way.