Amateur Radio … and Beyond

Presenter Paul Marriott with meeting attendees. (Photo by Steve Simpson)

Steve Simpson, Club Officer

The Tech Club meets the second Monday evening of each month from 7 to 8 p.m., in Room 104 at the Creative Arts Technology Center. We have no dues, and attendance is open for any Robson resident who is interested in anything that is high tech, regardless of what they own or understand but have a desire to learn more about. As an enhancement to our Tech Club members, we are now offering a presenter video recording that can be accessed through membership in (formerly known as Yahoo Groups) at and at our new website

Our July 11 meeting was hosted by Paul Marriott (ham operator enthusiast). Paul’s presentation’s main topic was “Amateur Radio 2022 … and Beyond.” Paul offered an in-depth presentation on all aspects of ham radios, including “Radio Communication, a Brief History,” “Governing Bodies: FCC and ARRL,” “The Frequency Spectrum,” “Amateur Radio as a Hobby,” “Amateur Radio Emergency Services: EMCOM,” “Amateur Radio Technology: Then and Now,” and “Some Examples.”

There was much open dialog and interactive discussion during the meeting, including questions regarding the following: “We need to know more about the licensing,” “What equipment is required?” “Is there a Robson ham radio club?” “Are there kits that can be purchased and assembled?” and “How about external antennas?”

Our next general meeting session is scheduled for Sept. 12 at the Creative Arts Technology Center, Room 104, and we are still working on a meeting presenter and presentation.

We hope to see everyone then.