Amateur Radio Club Presentation

John Maltby (left) gave a presentation on how to run a ham radio from golf cart batteries. (Photo by Jim Kreter)

Jim Kreter

John Maltby gave a presentation on how to use the battery power of a golf cart for emergency ham radio communications. He showed that for about $30 for a DC voltage converter, a few bits of wire, and an antenna, you could have a usable ham radio station that is mobile! With modifications, the DC converter could be used to power other devices, including cell phones and computers.

Robson Ranch’s Amateur Radio Club has given monthly presentations in the past year covering setting up your first “Ham Shack,” new technologies (like software-defined radios), magnetic loop antennas, digital modes of ham radio (WIRES-X, D-STAR, DMR), and hands-on evaluations of current ham radios, including hand-held units and antenna analyzers. Additionally, there have been on-site visits of members’ “Ham Shacks” in person and via PowerPoint.

The ham radio community is extensive, from local clubs like Robson Ranch to larger associations, such as our Denton County Amateur Radio Association (DCARA) and the largest organization of amateur radio operators in the world, the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL).

Our club’s goals are: to promote amateur radio individually or at established community functions; to further the hobby of amateur radio; to render communications as a public service during severe weather; and to assist in disaster relief operations by providing communications when called upon by any official agency of the city, county, state, or government of the United States of America.

The Robson Ranch Amateur Radio Club meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 1 p.m. in the clubhouse.

If you are interested in ham radio, have or want to get a license, and would like to join the club, contact Darrell Supak at [email protected] or Tim Battle at [email protected]. Or you can request membership directly on GroupWorks (Robson Ranch Amateur Radio Club,