An Egg-Citing Morning!

Photo by Cynthia Drury

Cynthia Drury

The morning of April 8 was cool and dry with a slight warm breeze on the Wildhorse Grill patio as members of Fellowship At The Ranch Church set up for its Third Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Church volunteers covered the grassy hill below the patio with over 2,000 plastic eggs filled with candy donated and packed by church members. When they were done, the green grass was a sea of brightly colored plastic eggs! Smiling volunteers greeted the families and gave each child a colorable Easter bag that included crayons.

At the appointed time, over 225 children, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and friends filled the patio area. Excitement built as the children looked over the edge of the patio and saw all the eggs in the grass! They were bouncing up and down and showing their families all the eggs that were waiting for them to pick up.

The Easter Egg Hunt started with a prayer by Pastor Ed Jones. Children were lined up in age groups and walked down the hill. At the bottom of the hill, with bags and baskets in hand, they waited as the countdown started. The adults counted down: five, four, three, two, one, and the Egg Hunt began! The older children ran up the hill, gathering eggs as they went, much like a vacuum cleaner, getting every egg in their path. The younger children (some with parents helping) picked up their eggs a little slower. It took only three minutes for all the children to reach the top of the hill with bags/baskets full of eggs, smiles on their faces, and showing off their accomplishment to everyone! “Thank you!” “That was fun!” “Did you see me?” and “Look at all the eggs I have!” echoed through the patio. Parents were already planning to attend next year. One family with a six-month-old said, “Next year, she will be old enough to participate!”

Our annual Easter Egg Hunt is just one of many activities and events hosted by Fellowship At The Ranch Church. We invite you to attend our Worship Service in the Robson Ranch clubhouse on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. You are encouraged to come early (10 a.m.) for our Coffee Meet & Greet. For more information about the church, please visit our website

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