Car Club Neighborhood Cruise on 4th of July

Ron Hoeberling

Concerns over the increased coronavirus cases caused many 4th of July events to be canceled, primarily fireworks and parades. This included the annual Robson Ranch 4th of July parade as the HOA was concerned about a large gathering of people along Ed Robson Blvd.

So the Rollin’ Rancher Car Club asked the HOA if we could schedule a neighborhood cruise to bring our cars to the residents’ homes throughout the community. Our 18 mile cruise traveled through 44 streets allowing residents to see a car show from their own front yards. Some of the newest cars in the cruise included a 2019 Mustang and several 2019 Corvette Stingrays. One of the oldest cars in the cruise was a white 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II. Residents and club members enjoyed this special event to celebrate the 4th of July.

Our car club goal is to participate in car-related events or trips each month. Club members are kept informed of activities and events through GroupWorks and dues are $10 per year.

For more information about how to join, email Ron Hoeberling at [email protected] or text at 913-708-1908.