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Clubhouse Decorating Volunteers

Debby DiPasquale A round of applause for my volunteer gals who have decorated the clubhouse for years now! Many of you have helped. Thank you for bringing your talents and magic to all! Volunteers include: Debby DiPasquale, Robin Sims, Lee Burke, Melody Rogers, Denise Switzer, Sandy Thompson, Lonnie Gisi, Diane Ace, Nicole Heimann, and Marti Harnley.

Robson Ranch Library: An Oasis in the Ranch

Andy Yonkovich Good grief, I just discovered an “oasis” in Robson Ranch. My name is Andy Yonkovich and I have lived here at Robson Ranch for over a year with my mother, Margaret. My Mom is dealing with multiple medical issues and requires a full time caregiver. I quit my full time job working as a pharmacy…

The Festive Dozen

Maureen Lehrer Twelve neighbors of South Callaway Court gathered at the home of Ron and Maureen Lehrer on Dec. 11 to celebrate the Christmas season. Those attending were the Sal Calvanicos, the Billy Belews, the Scott Bakers, the Glen Kuykendalls, Dr. Charles Reynolds, and Carol Copeland. We, of course, missed the neighbors who were unable…

Fishing the Waters of Wild Alaska

Beyond our dreams; within our reach.

Scott Baker Think big…a little bit bigger…even bigger. Picture king salmon and enormous halibut. Imagine fishing in the land of the midnight sun all while bald eagles soar overhead and bears wander nearby. Pure nature at its best, unspoiled and untamed. We had promised ourselves that Alaska fishing trip long enough. That dream became a…