Cellar Dwellers Celebrate the Season

On Dec. 21 the Dwellers celebrated the coming of Christmas by eating fine cuisine and drinking the very best fruit of the vine at Bill and Shirley Revering’s home. Oh my! Their beautifully decorated casa looked like something out of the North Pole.

Even Macie the dog was decorated for the occasion! No doubt, if Mr. Claus had been there, the jolly old man would have felt right at home among all the goodwill and cheer that was shared equally by his longtime admirers. Before adjourning, our group agreed that not a single soul had been too naughty in 2021. Therefore, unlike the angry magician in Frosty the Snowman, there was reason to believe that Santa would leave something extra special underneath our Christmas trees. And lo and behold, bottles of wine were found early on Christmas Day. As a result, our motto for 2022 is to “Be Nice and Never Stop Believing.”