Clubs Helping Clubs—the Robson Ranch Way

Pictured (left to right) are leaders of the clubs that have assisted with providing household essentials for those individuals previously homeless who transitioned into apartments: Nanci Odom, Chair of the Community Outreach Community; Ken Quarfoot, President of Robson Ranch Pickleball Club; and Marti Conley, Vice President of the After Schoolers.

You may have read in earlier articles about the Community Outreach Committee of the Robson Ranch Women’s Club working on a project in conjunction with Our Daily Bread, together with Monsignor Outreach Center to provide household essentials for individuals who are transitioning from a homeless phase to being residents in their own apartments. This article is in praise of the support that Robson Ranch Women’s Club has received from other clubs for this successful project.

The After Schoolers Club has joined the list of clubs—the Women’s Golf Association, the Lady Niners Golf Association, Voices United, Bocce, and the Pickleball Association—in delivering much-needed support for this project. When the annual garage sale organized by the After Schoolers Club ended, this club allowed members of the Community Outreach Committee to pick up items and furniture that are needed to create the “Welcome Home Pallets” that are given to people transitioning into apartments. This generosity will allow more pallets to be prepared.

The committee started asking just these clubs for help so that the volunteers would not be overwhelmed by the task. These clubs really delivered with household items and cash donations used to buy items not donated, and the committee cannot thank them enough. But now, after completing more than 50 “Welcome Home Pallets,” and because this is an ongoing project, the volunteers are ready to ask the residents of this community to open their hearts and empty their homes of household items not being used that others need.

In the past, the Community Outreach Committee has been extremely limited in getting furniture for this effort because of storage limitations. The committee has been able to resolve some of these limitations. The committee can now use items like beds, chests, chairs, sofas, TVs—the basic items that one needs to move into an unfurnished apartment. If you have items that you are no longer using and might help someone else live comfortably, please contact Nanci Odom at 940-271-0372. The list of essential items is available on the Robson Ranch Women’s Club website, Please look to see what items you are not using that could help someone else.

The importance of helping others who have been homeless to embark on a more normal existence cannot be underestimated. We, as Robson Ranch residents, can identify readily with what these individuals need to get established again.