Designing with Carol’s: Softer Spaces

Abby McIntyre

Welcome to the new decade, friend! We’ve helped you ready your home over the last few months for all of the festivities over the holiday season. Now, we’re ready to help you transform your home to welcome this new decade. This new era will be defined by elements inspired by the Art Deco movement in the 1920s as we have mentioned in the past. However, a few of our megatrends from the 2010s will carry over into the start of this new decade. We’re touching on one of the biggest trends in home décor in recent years, farmhouse chic. So, sit back and recoup after the holiday season while we give you a couple of tips and tricks on how to revamp this now signature style for this exciting new age.

For starters, this now classic farmhouse chic style dominated the 2010s thanks to the popularity of Waco’s very own Chip and Joanna Gaines. Defined by strong, clean lines created with the use of a simple black and white color palette, this look became the quick go to style for many. In this new age, farmhouse chic is still going strong; however, it is being scaled back and toned down with more natural finishes and warmer tones. For instance, this look is most popular for kitchen designs. Instead of the strong contrast of black and white countertops and cabinetry, opting for a natural wood grain softens the look in the upcoming era. A perfect way to update your farmhouse look is to incorporate this rustic finish into an open plate rack in your kitchen. Not only will this addition to your kitchen bring a more modern flare to your space, but the strong lines created are reminiscent of the art deco influence that will be seen throughout the early 2020s. Pairing this with the perfect woven wood shades on your kitchen windows will tie your space together perfectly.

Softening your farmhouse style is key to ushering your space into the new decade. One of the most interesting trends for spring 2020 is softening geometric shapes and patterns by opting for finishes that are not harsh and dark. In the past, it has been a staple to pair your woodgrain finishes with dark hardware or metal finishes. Now, the trend is to go lighter and brighter by choosing a finish that adds a soft glow to the room. For instance, one finish that is growing in popularity is silver leaf. Opting for softer silver finishes for hardware and light fixtures can help reflect light in the room and brighten it.

So, fear not as we ring in the new decade, friend. Here at Carol’s Custom Draperies let us take on the joy of helping you stay on top of the trends coming your way in 2020! Come see us at our showroom at 535 S. Locust St. Monday-Friday from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. or call us at 940-565-8337 to set up your design appointment!

Happy designing!