Fall Bocce Champions!

Second place Limoncellos (photo by Susan Parker)

First place Keep on Rollin (photo by Susan Parker)

John Humphries

The Robson Ranch Bocce League completed its 12th season with another new champion. The tournament capped a nine-week session that had more than its share of weather cancellations. Our end of the year event had perfect weather and was won by the team Keep on Rollin. They played as their name suggested, and “rolled” all the way through the brackets to be awarded the team trophy and individual gold medals. Upsets of the favored teams turned out to be the “norm” instead of the exception. Round one had four of the ten matches won by the underdogs. The overall top six teams in the league had received first round byes, and only half of them made it to play in the Elite 8. The final four teams comprised seeds 10, 12, 14, and 16. Keep on Rollin (14th seed) knocked off Limoncellos (10th seed) in two straight games. In the consolation match, Sultans of Swing (16th seed) managed to beat Wise Guys (12th seed) to capture the third-place ribbons.

After taking this winter off, the bocce league is looking forward to a full to capacity spring season with the hopes of permanent courts. Robson Corporate continues to acknowledge the need to accommodate the 90 teams who play (approximately 20% of all the residents) with a first-class bocce facility!

A special thanks to all the volunteers who make the league and tournaments happen, as well as the “Grill management” who provided the beer kegs to go with our morning donuts.

As in the past, if you are not currently part of the “Bocce 1000” membership and would like to enjoy the excitement of our Spring 2023 season, please contact Frank Cianci at [email protected].