Freedom Dance and Sing Party Was a Blast!

Celebration of friends

The Ayer’s all fourthed out!

Escamilla’s looking all patriotic!

Frances Hackley, Publicity Chair

The Robson Ranch Music Club sponsored the Freedom Dance and Sing Party on July 2. The first dance the club has been able to sponsor since our St. Patrick’s Day Dance was cancelled. Carol Copeland, Special Events Chairperson, with help from her worker bees, pulled out all the stops decorating. The ballroom was all a sparkle in red, white, and blue. It turned out to be a great celebration for our 4th of July weekend! Finally free to gather and enjoy each other on the very weekend symbolizing freedom. The dance floor was crowded with couples ready to create their own sparks on the dance floor. The ever-popular line dancers returned to the floor and as always, were crowd pleasers. DJ Bill Cody came down to the floor and taught us a dance helping all to reach their step count for the day. I think the dance went left, right, kick, kick, Oh Shit. Something like that. Even I, with my two left feet caught on, well sort of. We all had fun in any case. As the evening went on, folks got more comfortable with the “mike.” That always provides some wonderfully memorable entertainment! Members of the Robson Ranch Choir even gathered to sing a couple songs. One of which was from their recent “That 70’s Show” concert. Of course, it was Neil Diamond’s, “Sweet Caroline” and of course everyone joined in! Because of course, it is just “so good!” The evening was an explosion of fun, laughter, and community. Let’s just say, us Robson folks can still make some fireworks of our own!

The Music Club thanks all who came to our event and helped to make it a sellout. We look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events. Next will be our SCARYOKE Dance on Oct. 29. Start working on your costume, this is always a must-be-at event. Then, the Robson Ranch Community Choir will be performing a Veterans Day concert on Nov. 11. This concert reflects the pride of being an American. On Dec. 18 and 19, the choir will perform “Christmas at the Ranch.” To then end the year, it is the New Year’s Eve Dinner/Dance. You can keep up with all the Music Club events by going to our website Our webmaster, Bert Zeitlin, keeps it all up to date with our upcoming events, pictures of past events, club schedule, PayPal, and all past written articles.