Friendsgiving at Robson Ranch

Photo by Dave Parker.

Linda Vandenbree

The Robson Ranch UNT Music Scholarship Club hosted their inaugural Friendsgiving Event, An Afternoon with UNT Jazz Trio, hosted by JT Taylor and Carol Nelson in their home. Twenty-five Robson Ranch residents shared music, small bites and friendship throughout the afternoon. While enjoying great music, the Robson community contributed to the scholarship fund.

The Robson Ranch UNT Music Scholarship Committee wishes to thank our generous donors. We all recognize the contribution the UNT music students make to our community. It’s great to be able to return the support.

We look forward to supporting UNT Music students at future events both publicly and privately. Friendsgiving events are open to residents who support UNT Music. UNT Music students also perform throughout the year at Robson Ranch. Refer to the Activities Schedule for upcoming dates.

Robson Ranch UNT Music Scholarship Club is a group of generous Robson Ranch community members collectively raising funds to provide scholarships to music students at the University of North Texas.

Open to all currently enrolled music majors, the Robson Ranch UNT Music Scholarships will be administered and awarded by the UNT College of Music’s Scholarship Committee. The goal is to award scholarships in $1000 increments every year. Donations are made directly to the University of North Texas and are tax deductible.

The College of Music competes worldwide for the best and brightest student musicians; two-thirds of all scholarship winners come from outside of Texas. Out-of-state students who receive a competitive award of at least $1,000 may become eligible for in-state tuition for the academic year of the award, as granted by the university. That represents an additional $13,000 of support for each $1000 scholarship.

The Scholarship Club contact is [email protected]

Donation forms are available by request or in the HOA Office kiosk. Forms will also be available at the UNT Music Performances at Robson Ranch throughout the year.