Fun Times in the Drama Club!

Mary Ornberg

Kathy and Don Jacobs hosted a Halloween costume party for the Drama Club. Best costumes prizes were awarded to Jere Bone (young motorcycle biker), Vickie Bone (Wicked Witch of the West), and Belynda Figuerido (Scarlett O’Hara wearing a dress made from a curtain). A lively, competitive charade game was enjoyed by all.

In November, Drama Club members gathered for an afternoon outing in Denton. We filled two large tables for lunch at the GreenHouse Restaurant. The group then went to Campus Theater to see the musical production Cabaret. The scene of the play is a seedy nightclub and local boarding house in Berlin, Germany, during the uprising of the Nazi party. The story follows two romance stories that become doomed due to the polarity of the political situation of the time. The story of Cabaret relates to the current circumstances in Ukraine and the tragedies and fears of innocent people because of evil political powers. The performance was a riveting, emotional experience.

On Nov. 13 a two-hour acting class was hosted by the Robson Ranch Drama Club to provide skills to its members and interested residents. Mark Craig, a professional actor and an accredited acting coach, led the class. Mark has had a rewarding career as a professional actor in the Los Angeles market for 25 years and has played cops, lawyers, and strong authority figures in roles opposite top actors in NCIS: New Orleans, Law and Order, The Mentalist, X-Files, and more. Mark led the group through scenes from three movies, read by Drama Club actors. Vicki Parr and Don Taylor played the roles of Katherine Hepburn and Henry Fonda from the heartfelt, Oscar award-winning adapted screenplay On Golden Pond. Kathy Jacobs, as Diane Keaton, and Tony Kura, as Jack Nicholson, performed roles from the senior romantic comedy Something’s Gotta Give. And as the aging actor and her agent, Belynda Figueriedo and Doug Akins, took a peek into the sharp and memorable film Bullets Over Broadway, he then critiqued their parts and guided the actors to a more layered and connected acting experience for them and their audience.

In December, the Drama Club members will gather again for a golf cart caravan to view the holiday lights within the Robson Ranch community. House stops along the way will provide refreshments. The club members will donate toys for children as their holiday charity.

The Drama Club is a fun group. We welcome everyone, and no experience is necessary. We need people both on stage and behind the curtain. Annual dues are only $5. Contact Mary Ornberg at [email protected] to join.