Living Well Committee Vendor: O-Face Flavors

O-Face Flavors, Mr. and Mrs. O-Face

Have you tried O-Face Flavors? They have flavors for every palate. But what is O-Face Flavors and how did it get its name?

O-Face Flavors is an artisan manufacturer of seasonings, sauces, and snacks. They are mouthwatering flavors for all palates, food types, heat levels, and dietary concerns. If you like heat, be sure to check out their award-winning Spicy Garlic Parmesan!

And when something is so good, eyes widen and mouth opens as in “Oh! Oh! Oh! So good.” And just like that, O-Face Flavors was born, with owners Brad and Tiffany Heitman referred to as Mr. and Mrs. O-Face.

The idea for O-Face began in 2020 in the heart of the pandemic. After Brad lost his job due to COVID-19, he turned his backyard BBQ hobby into a business. Mr. and Mrs. O-Face got to work adapting their tried-and-true recipes and developed brand-new spice mixes with a focus on unique flavors and clean ingredients. Initially called O-Face BBQ, the dynamic duo began selling their products in early 2021. As the product line grew beyond a BBQ-centric offering, they rebranded to O-Face Flavors. More recently, they introduced seasoned nuts, made with their explosive flavors.

In 2022 at People’s Choice ZestFest, Mr. and Mrs. O-Face won first place for their Spicy Garlic Parmesan! They have that flavor in seasoning and in seasoned nuts. All their flavors are nuts!

Brad’s love for BBQ is not on the back burner! He has a 250-gallon reverse-flow smoker with over 3,000 inches of cook space—plenty of room for more than a dozen briskets, 20 racks of ribs, a couple hundred burgers, or whatever else is on a menu. It also has two propane burners on the back for pot-size cooking, a cutting board, and wooden bar top for prep. He not only makes his BBQ but also rents out his smoker and services.

Mr. and Mrs. O-Face have big plans for 2023, so be sure to follow them on the socials to stay up to date with their developments.

Check out O-Face Flavors’ website,, for information on his BBQ offerings and selection of all O-Face Flavors where residents can order, call, or email 972-898-6691 or

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