Good Things Happening in Our Area!

County Commissioner Dianne Edmondson

Last month I told you about the progress on the “shortcut” to Robson Ranch from the Emergency Services District Station 514 in Harvest. Things were stalled for a bit due to easement issues, but those are being resolved and we now are planning for a May completion date.

Cleveland Gibbs Road, which is the ultimate route for the ESD emergency responders, is still on the plans and hopefully can be connected to the existing stretch in Harvest within the next two years. This will give our first responders a direct route into our main gate, as well as also having alternate routes to Orangewood and Michelle Way. Here at the Ranch, we are the most frequent “users” of the ESD services, with several calls daily, according to the Chief.

Retail Center Coming Across the Street!

In the meantime, we are also pleased to report that OES Developers are planning a neat commercial area at the west end of The Ridge, right across Robson Ranch Road from the main gate, where Cleveland Gibbs will be when it’s completed. This area will be similar to The Northlake Commons, which OES is completing now. Its Northlake tenants include an Italian restaurant, a pizza shop, a bank, insurance agent, home décor store, plus various medical offices and a spa.

OES has asked for suggestions as to what our Robson Ranch residents might like to see in this new retail area. So, what do you all want? Please email me your ideas with the word “Commons” in the subject line. I will compile and pass them on to OES to see what they can recruit for the center.

More Good News!

We have just received the good news that a Chick-fil-A will be coming soon to the commercial development pending at Hwy. 407 and I-35 West. We are also told that there will be a major grocery store in that area, but no “name” has yet been released. We will let you know once it’s confirmed! There will be several more commercial businesses at this intersection in the future.

Today, our county’s population is approaching 900,000 with about 82 residents a day added, so many homes, medical, and other services are required by our new residents. These businesses will be popping up throughout our region. For example, as Hunter Ranch and Cole Ranch launch their developments alongside I-35W, we will learn more about the commercial projects that will be landing there, and we’ll keep you posted.

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