HOA Trivia Night

First Place – The Rockers

Shelbi Berg

The September Trivia Night was an additional game since our August game filled so quickly! Julie Willis from CoServ was the evenings’ sponsor. She provided great door prizes and delicious snacks for the players! She did an excellent job being the MC and time keeping.

There were 21 playing teams and they were full of cheers when they got a question right and “boos” if they missed it!

For those that haven’t played before, there are six rounds of questions which are made up of three questions each and teams bet points on their answers. The halftime question had 10 possible answers, and teams received one point for each correct answer. The final question was worth 20 points, and teams could bet a minimum of one point, if they bet zero points they lost all 20 points. At this point of the night, it’s all about strategy when betting on the final question.

The categories vary each Trivia Night, but here are a few of the questions from the September Trivia Night. Answers are at the bottom.

1. Toys: What was the first toy ever advertised?

2. Sports: Which sport, popular in Canada, features a “button”, a “house”, and a “stone”?

3. Food: What have you eaten if you’ve just consumed a “deutoplasm”?

4. Final Question – Space: What does the acronym for NASA stand for?

Eight team members work together as one to come up with the answer and have three minutes to submit it!

The winning team members each received Wildhorse Grill gift certificates.


1st place: The Rockers, 78 points

2nd place: Adorable Deplorables, 76 points

3rd place: Wish We Were 18 Again, 68 points

Answers: 1. Mr. Potato Head; 2. Curling; 3. Egg Yolk 4. National Aeronautics and Space Administration