Hope springs eternal


Benjamin Franklin

One of the questions we often hear from patients at American Male Medical Centers is “Am I too old for this treatment?”

Our standard reply is “Erectile dysfunction affects men of all ages. We have patients in their twenties, we have patients in their eighties and everywhere in between”.

Truth is, we also have patients in their nineties.

In fact, our oldest patient to date is ninety-six years old. No, that is not a typo; he’s ninety-six.

The gentleman came to us and said he was “having difficulty engaging in sexual congress.” (Sexual congress is the good kind of congress, not the kind we have in Washington.) Apparently, just as his Apollo 11 was going for reentry, it crash-landed (after being in this particular field of medicine for more than twelve years, we’ve accumulated a lot of euphemisms from our patients). To be clinical, he was no longer able to maintain his erection.

After his consultation and examination by one of our doctors, he was found to be in good health and qualified for treatment.

The test dose we gave him worked well, and he left the clinic, another satisfied, happy patient.

We’re not sure this record will ever be beaten. Although you never know, as a patient of one hundred or older is unlikely, which only leaves three numbers – 97, 98 and 99 – that can beat the current record.

We were going to ask the patient if he would acquiesce to an interview for our website blog, as it’s a fascinating human-interest story and we are left wondering about so many things:

Is he married? If so for how long, and how old is his partner?

Is he single and dating and, if so, what’s the singles scene like for nonagenarians (people from ages 90 to 99)?

Are retirement homes a hotbed for dating?

Or, maybe he’s neither married nor dating. Maybe he’s going on the Internet and, well…never mind.

Whatever his situation is, he’s a kind of an in-office hero to us now.

The guy is 96 and he’s still having sex; how great is that?

And he’s also living proof that you’re never too old to enjoy life to the fullest – with help from American Male Medical Clinics!