Hot Summer Bocce

First-place team Grab Your Balls

John Humphries

Our Robson Ranch Bocce League finished their summer season with an exciting twist. A distinct format for the summer playoff provided yet another new champion! Team Grab Your Balls (the 5th overall seed) beat out team Gelatos in the final match to take home that coveted Bocce Championship trophy and gold medals for each of their team players. Third place went to Gone To The Dogs (the 8th seed) and fourth to The Ranch Hands.

The Summer Playoff Tournament’s new structure allowed teams to play more games. The eight teams with the best overall record for the seven-week session were seeded into the round-one bracket. This time, the winners played the winners, as well as the losers playing the other losers, in the next two rounds. The results were that every team played all three rounds, and the final results determined places 1 through 8. As an added bonus, everyone was around for the entire event and could fully enjoy the bagels and beer!

With a full complement of 120 teams in 12 divisions set to start the Fall 2023 season, our 15th session, the 1,400-plus members will once again be playing on our “makeshift” courts behind the grill. Permanent bocce court rumors place the architectural plans with the City of Denton for review.

As in the past, if you are not currently part of the exciting bocce membership and would like to get involved, please contact Frank Cianci at [email protected].