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Drone Special Interest Group

Robson Ranch Drone Special Interest Group (Photo by Steve Simpson)

Dennis Brooks trying to locate and recover a drone with a SONAR buoy and radio control model Coast Guard 44-foot lifeboat (Photo by Steve Simpson)

Steve Simpson, Club Officer

The Robson Ranch Drone Special Interest Group (SIG) meets the fourth Monday of each month (except August and December) starting at 7 p.m. at the Creative Arts and Technology Center in room 104. We invite all with interest in any drone-related topics.

Our May 24 meeting was hosted by Steve Simpson, club officer. Steve Depoe (commercial drone pilot and presenter) continued with our member spotlight, which provides members the opportunity to showcase their drone passions. Steve revealed the various drone’s uses to capture images for travel and pleasure, and he went into great detail demoing his Hawaii video compositions. Steve also discussed basics for any drone pilot, and we all need to be aware of these as we fly. Attendees were engaged in lively interaction with Steve during this session.

Flight restrictions around Robson were brought up. A general overview of DJI and FAA restrictions as well as courtesy around Robson will be in next month’s presentation. The topic of “What should I buy?” for a first drone came up. We are happy to discuss why we bought what we fly and to help people new to drones with our experiences and a bit of guidance.

Please join us each month! The Drone SIG has no dues or membership requirements other than owning or having interest in anything drone related.

Our June 28 meeting will be focused on how to safely fly our drones at Robson Ranch, so we hope to see everyone then.