Living Well Committee News

Matt Lawrence, “Immune Boosters”

Claudia J. Caporale

Lights! Party! Action! Like a scripted play, the Robson Ranch atmosphere is filled with energy and excitement. Decorative homes create a mystical spirit in the chilled air. It’s Christmas!

Another year has flown by. Some of our lives have changed, but we stay hopeful and thankful, blessed to be among friends in this beautiful community.

If you missed the presentation on Oct. 27 from Jennifer Bumpus, MSN, RN, patient navigator and outreach coordinator of Wise Health Centers on Crawford Road, you missed a wealth of extremely useful information. The Wise Urgent Care Center has grown to include Wise Healing Center, Wise Health Surgical Hospital, featuring Sports Medicine, Massage Therapy and Recovery Services, Imaging Services, and Pain Management. Each segment was represented by a corresponding doctor, nurse, or specialist explaining their service and treatments. Having this facility so close to Robson Ranch is like finding a treasure. Jennifer’s contact information is 940-433-2163, [email protected].

Despite the rainy afternoon on Nov. 4, residents filled the large room to hear Matt Lawrence speak on “Immune Boosters” and taste the wonderful foods he and his associate prepared to demonstrate the benefits of plant-based foods. It has been long said, “Eat your veggies,” foods rich in antioxidants. If you missed the presentation and you want to learn more, you can view Matt’s website,

HOA club members enjoyed an evening of “Thanks and Gratitude” on Nov. 7 at the Grill, with spectacular small bites of foods, desserts, and guitarist from the Grill’s new Chefs as a “thank you” to all volunteers for their hard work throughout the year.

On Nov. 16 Christa Zuniga from Eat Your Greens Farm was canceled due to the presenter’s family emergency. Look for this event after the first of the year.

Having learned the benefit of good foods and knowing the importance of exercise, many residents joined Gil Clifton, Fred Van Naersen, and our Robson Ranch Mascot on the morning of Nov. 24, Thanksgiving Day, for our annual “Turkey Trot.”

Additional box gardens will be available after the first of the year. If interested in renting one, contact Rhett Hubbard.

“Shopping in your own backyard.” Please continue to support our diligent vendors at our Friday Market—subject to decent weather. Ordering by phone or email is always an option.

This is a busy and sometimes stressful time of year, and our Wednesday Blood Pressure Check is available to monitor your health—should you need it.

Our over-zealous committee member Scott has scheduled two events in January, February, and March. Information on wills and trusts, hip and knee surgery, sleep disorders, and Wise Health will return with updates on their services. You won’t want to miss our annual Robson Ranch annual Health Fair in March. Our website,, is up to date with the latest information, but you can always find reminders on GroupWorks, daily posts, and in our monthly newspaper.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Blessings to all from our Living Well Committee Team: Joyce Ambre, Scott Barringer, Claudia Caporale, Gil Clifton, Liz Dinkins, Marcia Elving, Shirley Martin, Tena Pitts, Tiffany Ramzy, Fred Van Naerssen, and Susan Wells. We welcome new member Debbie Dodge and sadly said “so long” to one of the original members of this committee, Shirley Martin. Well done, Shirley. We’ll miss you.