MGA Champions Crowned

Lawry Cohen (center) is presented the Senior Club Championship trophy by MGA President Jim Kohnert (right) and the 2021 Senior Club Champion Guy Bent (left).

Scott Eskridge (center) is presented the Club Championship trophy by MGA President Jim Kohnert (right) and the 2021 Champion Mark Dean (left).

Kevin Murphy

On Thursday and Friday, Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, over 100 golfers at Robson Ranch competed in a 36-hole gross score event to determine the 2022 Club Champion and Senior Club Champion. The Club Championship is played from the blue tees, and the Senior Club Championship, open to all MGA members who were 72, is played from the gold tees. Both championships were played together on the same course at the same time.

The weather was just beautiful—warm with a light zephyr—a perfect two days of golf. Vying for the lead on day one of the Senior Club Championship were Guy Bent, Greg Moe, and Lawry Cohen, with Cohen holding a four-shot lead. As for the Club Championship, after day one, Scott Eskridge held a three-stroke lead over Mark Taylor and Raymond Kanemeier.

While day two saw some jockeying for position in both Championships, both day one leaders held onto their leads and finished out on top. In the Club Championship, Scott Eskridge finished the 36-hole event with a three-stroke victory over Mark Taylor 146-149, with both of them shooting even par on day two! In the Senior Club Championship, Lawry Cohen held onto his lead over Greg Moe and finished with a five-stroke lead 147-152.

As is customary, after the round each day, the participants gathered on the patio to share stories of missed putts and reliving the shot that “almost ….” On the final day of the event, the event finished on 9 North, the hole directly below the patio. Most of the participants who had finished gathered on the hill with a cold beer, a few with cigars, to watch and cheer on the finishers. It was a great sight to see the support the MGA members have for each other, even if they were not in the hunt for the Championship.

The Championship event, while no handicaps were used, is flighted to balance out the competition in each flight. So, we have several more RRMGA members to congratulate for two well-played rounds of golf. They are as follows:

Club Championship Flight 1

1st Scott Eskridge, Club Champion

2nd Mark Dean

3rd Raymond Kanemeier

Club Championship Flight 2

1st Todd Andre

2nd Lee Griswold

3rd Joe Mikulik

Senior Club Championship Flight 1

1st Lawry Cohen, Senior Club Champion

2nd Greg Moe

3rd Guy Bent

Senior Club Championship Flight 2

1st Bill Collins

2nd Larry Apple

3rd Larry Casazza