Meet Board of Director Candidate Dave Parker

Dave Parker

About 10 years ago my wife and I decided that if we were able to retire a little early in life we would. We lost many family, friends and neighbors too young in life. Life is short and we decided to begin our quest to find the best place in America to retire. We noticed an ad in Where to Retire magazine for Robson Ranch in Denton, Texas. Well, after two visits to Robson Ranch, we found the best place in America to retire! Approximately three years ago we moved to Robson and have never been happier!

Great well-run adult communities strive for excellence. To be best in class I believe improvement can be made in “A”ccountability, “C”ommunication and “T”ransperancy (ACT) at Robson Ranch. If elected to the Board I will be accountable for all my votes. You will always know where I stand on an issue. I will communicate with all residents my vote, issues raised at meetings and results of decisions. The board needs to be transparent in all meetings both formal and informal.

My background for the position includes working for a Fortune 100 company in sales and marketing for 28 years. I am a high achiever in all tasks in which I am involved. At Robson Ranch I am one of the most involved residents in clubs and organizations. Being involved in so many of Robson Ranch clubs and organizations gives me a great understanding of needs, wants and areas of improvement. With a network of knowing so many residents I will be out in the community to hear any concerns.

If elected to the Board I pledge I will be accountable to you. I represent you, the residents, in all decisions. I appreciate your vote for HOA Board of Directors.