Music Club Is Loving the Outlook for 2021

Frances Hackley, Publicity Chair

The Robson Ranch Music Club is loving the outlook for the new year. Though as of yet, we have not been able to participate in any scheduled events, the future looks promising. With the distribution of the COVID-19 shot taking place, as well as the renovations of the clubhouse soon to be complete, the club is planning a happy new year. The Robson Ranch Community Choir is scheduling the long awaited, That ‘70s Show for May 29 and 30. That means rehearsals should begin the first week in April. If there is someone out there wanting to join the choir, contact Janice Stanton at [email protected] to sign up for an audition time. The Music Club is also putting on the calendar a Karaoke/Dance event on Friday, July 2. The annual Fourth of July Concert performed by the Denton Community Band is also planned. The outlook for the year has gone from “bad” to “rad!” Of course, watch for details on all these events, as we have learned to go with the flow. It seems everything but our name is subject to change. For now, the Music Club is getting ready to finally make some music. The outlook is “Sunny” as in the song by Bobby Herb (1963). The lyrics go “now the dark days are gone, the bright days are here.” Another song written to pull a sunny disposition out of a lousy situation. Look up the interesting story of the song. For any and all up-to-date information about the Music Club, go to our website A special thank you to Aileen Oliver for her artwork help.