Our Winter of Discontent

Fred Thompson, Director of Communication

What a winter it’s been with the pandemic and then capped off with several days of sustained cold temperatures getting down to below zero. Are we still in Texas?

Regarding COVID: several residents were afflicted including four from the pro shop (three relatively mild cases and one not so mild) but all survived. And, unrelated to COVID, we were saddened by the sudden and unexpected passing of David Bowles, who provided lessons and oversaw the par 3 tournament that was much enjoyed by many of our residents.

Regarding the low temperature’s effect on the golf course: Craig Pullen, our director of golf advises that we came through with relatively minor damage thanks in part to some good pre-planning. You may notice some pronounced color variations in some of the greens. The areas most affected being the area with the light green color.

Nine hole memberships: Our numbers are down slightly from last year. We’ve had a good number of sign-ups from new Robson residents but, so far, a lower number of members returning from last year. We fully expect this to pick up as weather improves. For some of you the word waitlisted may be new (think standby). This may be your designated status if sign-ups exceed the space we’ve been allotted. It’s suggested you sign up quickly when you receive Gary Geisers’ ‘sign up’ email, sent to all members, usually on Wednesday. The shortage of tee time space is having the attention of our intrepid President Rich Hall who is optimistic about improving the situation. Rich asks your patience in the interim. Quoting Rich as he recites from our Nine Hole clubs’ constitution, “Our purpose is to provide courtesy and sportsmanship in the playing experience of the game of golf and to meet other Robson residents in a social, pressure free environment.” No cash awards and no cash deposit required. We all look forward to a fun-filled 2021 golf season.