Quilting class of 2019

Photo left to right: JoAnn Werner, Doris Allen, Tami Fenton, Maria Rudolph, Nancy Wendt, Trish Kuhfuss, Beverly Albarran, Judy DeRooy, Amy Enlow and Ann Marie Doyan.

Sandi Price

Now in its 9th year, Material Girls’ Annual Beginning Quilting Class ran from February through March this year with eleven students graduating. The class is taught by Marguerite Rose with Paula Saunders preparing the materials.

The class features an experienced mentor for each student and runs for six weeks. They all receive an informational notebook and a diploma upon completion.

Marguerite, a former teacher, has been quilting for over 20 years as have most of our mentors. Together they have over 100 years of quilting experience.