Robson Ranch Birding Interest Group and the American Kestrel

John Kirk

In March, the Birding Interest Group met for a very interesting and informative presentation by Kelsey Biles, a UNT graduate student, who is studying the American Kestrel (Sparrow Hawk) in Denton County. Her project has been ongoing for two years to determine the population of Kestrels during the winter months and if any are staying during the nesting season. Kelsey’s group has captured and banded over 60 birds. Several Robson Ranchers have been assisting in the project this year by reporting sightings of Kestrels in an area west from Highway 377 out to Ponder and Justin.

The Birding Group is open to all Robson residents from the inexperienced to advanced birders as well as those with backyard bird feeders. Several members of the group go out birding to parks and lakes in the Denton area and would welcome folks to come along. If you are interested in the group, send an email to John Kirk at [email protected] and you will be added to our email list. We also have a listing of all the birding spots in Denton County and a list of birds seen on the Ranch over the last few years that we would be happy to send out.