Road Runners Travel Club – What Can This Travel Club Do for You?

Gayle Coe

Did you know the Road Runners Travel Club strives to offer its members the best possible travel experience?

Road Runners Travel Club partners with two travel vendors; Brandt Travel and Premier Tours Global (PTG). Did you know the Road Runners board, Brandt Travel, and Premier Tours Global books and/or creates trips with the Road Runners members’ travel preferences in mind? The Road Runners board strives to provide its members with the most cost-effective quality travel experience.

Did you know Premier Tours Global meets with the Road Runners board throughout the year and creates trips and itineraries based on the requests of the Road Runners members? Premier Tours Global has a wonderful reputation for accommodating Road Runners members’ special requests while traveling in order to provide the best “value added” travel experience.

Did you know Premier Tours Global motor coaches are the best motor coaches available? Premier Tours Global has won several “best in the industry” awards several years in a row. While containing prices, both Brandt and Premier Tours Global identify the best cost-effective travel experience year after year. It’s important to note that cheapest isn’t always the best, especially in the travel industry.

Did you know Brandt Travel hosts “Travel Shows” at Robson Ranch throughout the year and invites the leading cruise and land tour companies to present. For example, Viking, Celebrity, Insight, Mayflower, and more attend each Travel Show and often announce new trips. This special event is organized in order to provide Robson Ranch residents with an opportunity to speak personally with the various travel partners and learn more about the trips before booking.

Did you know that Road Runners members have established one-on-one working relationships with the Road Runners travel partners which has resulted in more and more custom-tailored trips for members? It’s nice to know when you call to book a trip, the travel partner representative knows you and knows your travel preferences!

Did you know the trips offered to the membership often have extra “value added” features which are not offered if you book the trip individually or through other travel agencies? For example, Brandt Travel’s close working relationship with Viking and Celebrity allows an opportunity to provide the Road Runners travelers extra perks, such as a special dinner, a Road Runners cocktail party, or a special martini tasting party and more.

Did you know the Robson Ranch Road Runners Travel Club hosts an annual meeting in January each year? Current trips are offered, and new trips are announced. Prospective members may join at the meeting. This is an annual event which brings a lot of interest.

Did you know the Road Runners also hosts a “Mid-Year Mixer” in July? The various travel vendors attend and visit with the membership. This is another great opportunity to talk with the travel partners and make your travel preferences known for future trip offerings. Membership is $10 per person. Road Runners website is