Robson Men’s Bible Study

Pictured is Randy Brewer, a longtime Robson resident and one of the men who started the Saturday Bible studies, along with some of the men who regularly attend his group.

Every Saturday morning, except for holiday weekends, some men in Robson Ranch gather at various homes to spend about 90 minutes studying the Bible. Why would anyone want to devote a morning out of their weekend to do that when they could be playing golf, softball, tennis, pickleball, or spending time with their grandchildren?

A gathering of men to discuss Biblical teachings may sound boring or intimidating. And, like anything unfamiliar, we can feel overwhelmed or fearful. Think back to your first day in college after enrolling in a difficult course; calculus, for example. It was scary, wasn’t it? But you went there to learn. Your main source of learning was a textbook, and the professor guided the understanding. Questions raised and answered during class and discussions with classmates advanced the learning process. This is very similar to the learning experience in the Robson Men’s Bible Study group on Saturday mornings.

The informal gatherings provide a time for laughter, fellowship, and sharing of faith over coffee and sometimes donuts and fritters. Like students in calculus class who come from different backgrounds and locations, the men who come on Saturday mornings are from various Christian denominations. Each man brings his own perspective, but all are united to further their understanding of salvation through Jesus and how He wants us to live. Our motto comes from Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

Calculus is complicated, at least for most of us. The Bible is both simple and complex. The principle of grace and salvation is straightforward. But the Bible has many deeper meanings and prophecies, especially given that it is rooted in ancient languages. This results in endless exploration and discussion.

One of five groups meeting on Saturday mornings is led by Randy Brewer, a longtime Robson resident and one of the men who started the Saturday Bible studies.

The five study groups are autonomous in choosing how to study the Bible. To see what each group is currently studying and to get more information about us, check out our website at Take a bold, first step and come visit one of the groups soon.