Robson Ranch Classic Rock Club “Rockin’ The Ranch” Concert Series: The Stoneleighs Come to Our Emotional Rescue

The Stoneleighs

Supporting Support Our Troops

Stan Brein

“It’s great to be here. It’s great to be anywhere.”—Keith Richards

Their music is timeless. We have listened to it since we were kids. The tunes are etched in our minds to the point where the lyrics just flow from our lips when we hear the opening riffs. Well, Keith, we are glad that your songs (along with Mick’s, Charlie’s, and Ronnie’s) were here at the Ranch on July 8. This time, a Thursday night event. Another sold out crowd gathered, and ready to rock they were!

The Stoneleighs got off to a great start with a smashing rendition of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.” Folks were on the dance floor in an instant and it set the tone for a rollicking evening of music, fun, and nostalgia.

How do you even capture the essence of such a heralded group in the space of two plus hours? Well, for starters, with a set that included “Get Off My Cloud,” “Heartbreaker,” “Gimme Shelter”, “Paint It Black,” “Sympathy For The Devil,” and “Ruby Tuesday,” we could all close our eyes and teleport back to our high school or college days, a Friday night in front of the record player or, if we were fortunate enough, a Stones Concert we attended. They ended the night with a packed dance floor dancing and singing along to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and of course the all-time classic, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.”

The Stoneleighs recreate the sound and feel of the Rolling Stones with an emphasis first and foremost on the music. But they also look and perform like the Stones. Much to the crowd’s delight, Justin Whitehead absolutely nailed the lead vocals and antics of Mick Jagger. Those are not easy lips to fill. Jay Spence, Don Dobbs, John McCormick, Brad Bartlett, Gene Perry, and Mike Johnson round out the lineup.

The Classic Rock Club board donated a portion of each ticket to the Robson Ranch Support Our Troops organization. They do great work helping military service members and their families in a variety of ways. Club Treasurer Jay Vanderbree presented a check for $1,460 to Darin Burk, President of SOT. We will continue to support local organizations at Robson and in Denton.

Thank you to the members of the Classic Rock Club who continue to support the Rockin’ The Ranch concerts. You inspire us to do an even better job. We will seek out and bring the best tribute, music, and dance bands to the Ranch. Next up was a Friday night dance party on July 30 featuring Live 80—The Ultimate 80s Experience. It was another sold-out concert.

Our August concert will be Saturday, Aug. 28 featuring Double Vision—Foreigner Experience and will include a buffet dinner. Tickets will go on sale Monday, Aug. 16 at 9 a.m. in the clubhouse lobby.

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Keep on rockin’.