RR Denton Drone SIG: Flying Legally at Robson Ranch

Flying at Robson Ranch (Photo by Dennis Brooks)

Dennis Brooks, Robson Ranch SIG Officer

The Drone SIG meets the fourth Monday night of each month from 7 to 8 p.m. in room 104 at the Creative Arts and Technology Center (CATC). This is actually a preview rather than an after-the-fact report. Our meeting is often after the cutoff for entry in the Pioneer Press.

Many of you came by our table at the Open House for clubs at the CATC. Our July meeting covered what it took to fly legally at Robson Ranch Denton. This was presented in the form of a checklist, with copies handed out to attendees and available to any that have an interest. With the meeting after the Pioneer Press deadline, a photo of the meeting is not possible. We have a huge number of photos and videos we have taken at Robson and around Texas.

The agenda: Why you need a checklist, samples of free commercial checklists, 31 steps to legally flying at Robson (covered by the handout), what makes it worthwhile, certifications required for recreational and commercial pilots, paperwork to have on hand when you fly, and alternate local flying at the Denton Aero Park. The meeting will conclude with questions.

This meeting builds on the information from the June meeting and adds information from new FAA publications such as CFR 107.31. There are a number of FAA rules that apply to recreational and/or commercial (Part 107 certified) pilots. The checklist covers from flight preparations, charging your drone batteries, controller and phone/tablet, then progresses through the software, maps, and other steps, preflight, flight, post-flight, to putting the drone away for another day. Dennis covered restricted zones over and around Robson Denton, filing for permission as necessary, checking the weather, the steps to prepare the drone before leaving the house, options for launch areas, general flying tips, and things to check after you finish flying for the day. A sample flight plan for efficient flights and some of the accessories that are required or just nice to have are part of the presentation.

If you have a drone, think you might want to get a drone, or just want to see what we do with drones, please come by on Monday night, July 26, at 7 p.m. Visitors are welcome and we are happy to give our opinions and sources of information to purchase a drone, as well as mentoring or Buddy Flying to help you become proficient here at Robson.