Robson Ranch Women’s Club Delivers to Our Daily Bread

The delivery of a check for $16,847.73 to Our Daily Bread. From left to right: Lucille Zimmerman, president of the Women’s Club; Wendy McGee, executive director of Our Daily Bread; Sandy Conwell, chair of the Ways and Means Committee; and Nanci Odom, chair of the Community Outreach Committee

Thanks to the support of Robson Ranch residents as well as local merchants and professionals who participated in the Home and Garden Show, sponsored by the Women’s Club on Aug. 28, the Robson Ranch Women’s Club gave a check for $16,847.73 to Our Daily Bread together with Monsignor King Outreach Center.

Many of us think of Our Daily Bread as just a place where people who need a helping hand can get a hot meal. But it does much more than that. Our Daily Bread provides a mailing address for those who are homeless, which allows them to function more normally. In addition, at the downtown location, guests can get a shower once a week, can have access to a computer for email, can receive some basic health care periodically from visiting student nurses, can have access to case workers who assist the guests with help in getting services they need, can receive items to help with basic hygiene, can have access to excess food items that would go to waste, and can request clothing. At the Monsignor King Outreach Center, the guests there can receive clothing, have clothes washed, have a light breakfast and a warm dinner, and, most importantly, have a safe bed at night. In conjunction with the City of Denton, Our Daily Bread also is working diligently to provide a successful transition from being homeless to having a home for some of their clients. Many of our Robson residents have contributed to this project with household items that they are no longer using; the Community Outreach Committee of the Women’s Club has organized this part of the project.

The efforts of the members of the Women’s Club and the support of our community are helping those who are having a rough go of it in life. Please continue to do so by supporting the Holiday Market on Oct. 23, where the proceeds will also benefit Our Daily Bread together with Monsignor King Outreach Center.