Robson Ranch Women’s Golf Association Eclectic Event August 3-4

Sallye Ortiz, Deb Reed, and Paula Myers

Sallye Ortiz, Deb Reed, and Paula Myers

Lee Ann Kirby

The Annual Eclectic Event was held for two days on August 3 and August 4. We had over 50 ladies playing in this two-day event. This is the event where on the second day of play you can try to “better” your score! It’s a fun tournament for everybody. Lucy Oberholser was the most improved from day one to day two—she improved 24 strokes!

There were six flights in this event and the winners were as follows:

Flight One

1st: Pat Sands

2nd: Gale Hicks

3rd: Paula Hayes

4th: Marlene Womack

Flight Two

1st: Jennifer Orsbun

2nd: Paula Bone

3rd: Althea Parent

4th: Malinda Hall

Flight Three

1st: Shirley Green

2nd: Sue Galinski

3rd: Ana Corey

4th: Gabie Bull

Flight Four

1st: Sue Halsted

2nd: Ryoko Stevlingson

3rd:  Pam Kanawyer

4th: Robin Hanna

Flight Five

1st: Janet Rogers

2nd: Neva Rhead

3rd: Nancy Estes

4th: Judy Cromer

Flight Six

1st: Mary Burke

2nd: Chris Hagan

3rd: Mary Sholty

4th: Mary Beninato