Robson Ranch Woodworkers at the Holiday Market

Joni Matthiessen

After a year of absence from the Women’s Club Holiday Market, it was nice to finally be able to show off our talent and wares at the sale! This was such a successful event for all the vendors who participated due to a fine crowd throughout most of the day. The Woodworkers were especially grateful, as we worked so hard to fill our tables with a vast variety of goods. We had a very nice mixture of special pieces.

I especially want to thank all the members who transported everything to the clubhouse for set-up, and then carried the remaining items back to the CATC building at the end of the Market. But most of all, the members of our club want to thank Sue Wells for all her hard work, as she has the touch for arranging and making our space look so enticing! She has such a gift for display, and she tirelessly works to make the rest of us look pretty darn good! Also, thanks to Frank Hunter who hung around the whole time and kept meticulous records of our transactions and, might I say, even without his trusty calculator. Overall, we had such a fun day munching on Sue’s awesome cookies, and it was just great to see so many faces we have been missing, since we couldn’t do the sale last year!