Women Sharing Hope Event

We talked about what we didn’t want to talk about. We were encouraged to do what we didn’t want to do. We were motivated to prepare for what we don’t want to think about.

Three hundred people gathered around tables for the Women Sharing Hope event “Are You Prepared to Be Left Behind?” on Friday, Oct. 15, at the Robson Ranch clubhouse. As people entered the room, the beautiful piano and flute duet by Paula Hemingway and Linda R. Smith calmed and uplifted hearts.

Catherine Simpson’s warm welcome invited everyone to be informed, advised, encouraged, and motivated to prepare for the loss of a loved one. Jim Mann, pastor of New Life Church at Robson Ranch, prayed for open hearts to receive the information and to act on it.

Ed Jones, pastor of Robson Ranch Fellowship Church, led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States flag.

Participants were spellbound as they listened to the panel of seven widows and one widower share their stories of how they dealt with the death of their spouses. Tiffany Ramzy, Judy Sale, Jerry Waynant, Billie Connell, Judy Drew, Janis Peters, Nancy Rash, and Merriott Terry opened their hearts to help others deal with death. One attendee shared, “The panel discussion was extremely helpful.”

Leigh Hilton, estate-planning lawyer, shared the difference between a trust and a will and cautioned against a boilerplate Internet form for a will. She stated, “You need a lawyer.” Her talk provided excellent information to help make life easier when the inevitable happens.

A humorous, yet thought-provoking skit, written and directed by Catherine Simpson and performed by Mark and Paula Hemingway, further underscored the message to prepare for the end of life.

Barbara Schmidt presented the reality of grieving and ways to deal with it. She hosts a Robson Ranch grief support group.

Trudi Searles, hospice nurse at Robson, offered advice from her experiences in hospice care, the importance of a DNR, and when and how to seek help.

Thirty-five table hosts led their group to share with others at the table, participate in an activity, answer the prepared questions, and pray.

Linda Smith worked tirelessly on the 77-page handbook full of information, which was given free to every person who attended. This invaluable resource provides information concerning finances, property, legal documents, insurance, and medical issues. If you would like a copy of the handbook in PDF form, please email Linda Smith at [email protected]

Mary Alice Benton introduced the group Women Sharing Hope, which hosted the event. Women Sharing Hope was formed to support women through challenges in their lives.

The feedback for the event was overwhelmingly positive. One comment was, “Everything I needed to know was touched upon.”

Catherine Simpson ended the program by sharing her faith of God’s love and His desire that no person be left behind from eternity with Him.

Reverend Scott Wilson closed the event with prayer for motivation to get prepared and asked God for peace in our hearts.