Robson Riders Motorcycle Club: Onward to spring

Stan Brein

The weather has not been very conducive to riding this past month. Rain and cold are not a good riding combination, so with spring on the horizon, why not at least hone our skills. We can’t say enough about the safety seminar put together by Road Captain Dennis Dotson on February 5. It is always good to refresh your skills, particularly when you only have two (or three) wheels underneath you. Dennis masterfully covered bike (and rider) pre-ride checks, types of rides, ride role definitions and roadside safety tips. This was followed by a well laid out safety course in the clubhouse parking lot. We went through slalom, a figure eight, rapid acceleration and rapid braking under the watchful eyes of club board members. It served as a great skill check. In celebration of everyone’s good effort we rode to Mom’s Café in Aubrey for lunch, a club favorite.

The club celebrated matters of the heart with a Valentine’s Day Lunch Ride to the Italian Bistro restaurant in Roanoke. The Williams, Conley, Dotson, Baker, Davis and the Sico families gathered at one of the club’s favorite eateries to underscore their love for their partner and their love of motorcycling. It was a wonderful, leisurely scenic ride to and from the restaurant, along with good food.

The club gathered for the quarterly meeting and dinner social on Thursday, February 21 at the Wildhorse Grill. Dinner and service were typically good and the fellowship was fantastic. It was great viewing the photos and videos of our club activities and reliving the wonderful places we have gone. Mike Conley again did a yeoman’s job of covering what we have done and where the club stands. Dennis Dotson then presented our upcoming travel opportunities, including the Texas Hill Country Wine Tour, the Lone Star Rally in Galveston, the Granbury Theater, the mountains of Arkansas and the East Texas Country Stroll. We all wish we had the time to ride them all. The 28 club members in attendance had a great time. Ray and Kathy Davis were the winners of the $20 dinner giveaway. And to emphasize safety, each club member received a red emergency flashing light to use in any emergency roadside stop.

See you on the road!

Beware of cagers and keep the rubber side down!