Rock and Roll Martini Group Rocks the Pool

Dave Parker

The July House Band (host) for the Rock and Roll Martini Group was Monica and Allen Bishop. As in tradition, the Bishop’s had the annual pool party for the group at their home. The music for the evening was a collection of eclectic Caribbean and popular hits. The martinis for the evening were the “Pain killer,” “Margarita Martini,” and “Blue Martini.” Monica used all her mixology skills making the Pain Killer martini. The rockers (members) and guests trying out the Pain Killer amazingly found out they had no pain! Allen masterfully grilled up hot dogs and brats on the patio for all those attending. Everyone brought appetizers and desserts to add to the main dish. Every year, the group sets a Robson Ranch record for the most residents in a pool at one time! Once again, no screen doors or patio doors were harmed in having this party. Until next month, rock on!